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Lydia IUD does not cause Fibroid or any kind of cancer. Many women who have Fibroid and breast cancer can safely use Lydia IUD.

Lydia IUD does not cause women to have ectopic pregnancy and it does not increase the chances of having ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal one that happens when a fertilized egg grows outside the womb and often has no known cause. Since Lydia IUD prevents an egg from being fertilized this means pregnancy will not occur whether ectopic or normal.

Lydia IUD does not cause abortion(termination of an existing pregnancy). It works by preventing sperm from meeting the released egg- that is, it prevents fertilization of the egg. No fertilization = No existing pregnancy.

Lydia IUD does not cause Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs). STIs are caused by having unprotected sex with an infected person and not because of your IUD. If you are not sure of your partner’s STI status, use Fiesta condoms.

Lydia IUD can be inserted at any time by a trained healthcare provider. Your period days are only neccessary just to be double sure that you are not pregnant. Also your cervix may open easily and cause you less discomfort during insertion

Lydia IUD does NOT travel to the brain, heart or other parts of the body. It remains in the womb where it is placed like a seed in a fruit.

Lydia IUD insertion pain can vary from person to person, you can try taking Ibuprofen or Paracetamol before insertion. IUD insertion is easier when your cervix is open such as when you are on your period or ovulating. Even if there is some pain, it quickly passes once it is over.

Lydia IUD will not hurt your partner while having sex because the penis does not get to the womb. The thread that drops down in the vagina is very fine, so your partner won’t feel it during sex.

Lydia IUD comes in 5 variants to suite every category of woman including women with small uterus and those who haven’t given birth before

Lydia IUD does NOT cause infertility. It only prevents pregnancy while you have it inside your uterus(womb). With Lydia IUD, you can get pregnant once it is removed. No waiting period is required.


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