About Lydia IUD

Lydia IUD is a highly effective, affordable and safe method of preventing pregnancy. Some people also call it the Lydia coil. It is long lasting (up to 10 years) and does not contain any hormones. Furthermore, women who use Lydia IUD can get pregnant immediately after it is removed-no waiting period, no delay.

Apart from using Lydia IUD for everyday pregnancy prevention, it is also recommended by W.H.O as being the most effective method of emergency contraception (more effective than pills), if it is inserted within 5 days of unprotected sex.


There's a Lydia for you

How it works

Lydia IUD looks like a small plastic with copper wrapped around it. It comes in up to 5 different shapes and designs, but the commonly known shape is the T-shape called the Lydia Copper T. In order to use Lydia IUD to prevent pregnancy, a trained doctor, or nurse will place it carefully inside the womb.

Once inside the womb, Lydia IUD works by preventing sperm from reaching the woman’s egg, this means it prevents fertilization of the egg. It does this by slowing the speed and movement of sperm so that none can reach the egg (after all, it’s only the fastest and most energetic sperm that can make a baby).

Benefits of Lydia IUD

No Go-slow, it’s ready-set-go

Lydia IUD does not interfere with sex so you don’t need to make any preparations before you have sex. With Lydia IUD there is no need for daily checks. Every time you want to have sex, it’s ready-set-go.

Highly Reliable

Lydia IUD is one of the most effective and reliable contraception methods and once it is inserted, it lasts for up to 10 years.

Most affordable, long term method of preventing pregnancy

Lydia IUD is affordable to most women and since it can last for up to 10 years, this makes it the most cost effective method in the world. Imagine if you buy pills for 10years, you will spend more than you would to get Lydia IUD.

Immediate return to fertility

With Lydia IUD your ability to get pregnant is restored immediately it is removed. This is true, because it does not contain hormones, it means no waiting period and no delay. Besides, you don’t have to wait for 10years to remove it; whenever you want to get pregnant just ask your doctor or nurse to have Lydia IUD removed for you.

No hormones, no weight changes, no irregular menses

Lydia IUD does not contain any hormones. So you won’t gain or lose weight (no matter how small) or experience nausea or stop your menstruation and other hormone related side effects. Do you know that women who are breastfeeding can safely use Lydia IUD immediately after giving birth without affecting their milk supply? Also, women who have diabetes, are obese or smoke can safely use Lydia IUD.

Time for fun, time for life

Women who use Lydia IUD can enjoy their sex life, achieve their dreams for school and career and recover from child birth, raise their children and take care of their family without worrying about unexpected surprises. Lydia IUD is ideal for women who have not had any kids and also for women who have had their desired number of children.

Total privacy

No one can tell that you have inserted Lydia IUD because no one can see it since it is placed inside your womb.


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