Is Lydia for me

Is Lydia IUD for me?

Yes indeed, Lydia IUD is for YOU; it is for every woman who has sex and is sure that she is not ready for pregnancy.

Lydia IUD is also right for you if:

  • You are young and have never been pregnant.

  • You have had your desired number of children.

  • You are breastfeeding.

  • You simply want to delay pregnancy for some time before having your next child (child spacing).

  • You need a long-term contraceptive without hormones.

  • You are too busy with work, your career, or education and don’t want to worry about having a baby just yet.

  • You can not use hormonal methods because you are obese, have a heart condition or hypertensive


Lydia IUD is not for you if:

  • You have active inflammation of the cervic(cervicitis) or active PID, the doctor or nurse will examine you and treat your condition first before insertion of Lydia IUD

  • Side Effects of The Lydia IUD

    Some women may experience side effects while others will not. Side effects are not sign of illness and normally decreases within few days to few weeks of insertion. You may experience;

    • Slight discomfort immediately after the IUD insertion.

    • Heavier menstrual bleeding during the first few weeks after insertion of Lydia IUD

    • Cramping during your period.

    • Cramping or a backache for a few days after insertions.

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